Peru. Face masks in schools could be optional once 80% of students are vaccinated | News | ANDEAN


The optional use of face masks in schools will be assessed once 80% of the school population aged 5-11 has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine,

announced Thursday.

During an event organized in the district of Breña in Lima, the member of the Cabinet affirmed that 100% of the teachers must also be vaccinated against the coronavirus before they can consider the removal of the said biosecurity protector in the school premises.

According to the official, it is necessary to verify that the positivity rate of COVID-19 cases is below 5% in order to implement these measures and ensure that wearing a mask becomes optional.

As for teachers, Minister Lopez pointed out that more than 90% are already fully vaccinated.

He indicated that this issue could be addressed during the presidency of the Council of Ministers later in the day.

Furthermore, he reported that there is 78% progress in preparing the Cancer Act regulations.


On the other hand, Minister Lopez pointed out that his portfolio is working on the communication plan, as well as on the active recruitment of patients infected with monkeypox.

The government official also highlighted the meeting he had earlier in the day with the mayors of the districts of Lima, in order to adopt joint measures to fight against this disease in their respective jurisdictions, and thus prevent the number of cases. to increase.

“As a country, we are actively looking for cases, compared to (other) countries in South America,” he concluded.


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