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The Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Oscar Maurtua, met the Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Marina Sereni, with whom he assessed the state of relations between the two countries, as well as their perspectives and actions. communities to deepen them.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, they reaffirmed the call to action to ensure universal access to vaccines, thereby transforming them into global public goods necessary for social and economic recovery around the world.

Likewise, they agreed on the need to promote the autonomous production capacities of drugs and vaccines by countries like Peru.

Ambassador Maurtua expressed his satisfaction for the auspicious meeting held in Rome with senior executives from ten of the main Italian companies with projects in Peru.

On this occasion, senior leaders confirmed that Peru is a safe destination for Italian investments, due to its favorable legislation, fiscal solvency, large international reserves, as well as efficient economic and regulatory management and its legal stability.

For her part, Sereni praised Peru’s efforts to progress gradually towards the adoption of good practices and high standards of membership in the OECD.

During the interview, the diplomat thanked Italy for its invaluable cooperation in terms of technical assistance and training – intended for the Peruvian army – in humanitarian demining activities taking place on the Peru-Ecuador border.


Posted: 12/14/21



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