Covid-19 Weekly deaths 4,542 in US, highest in Costa Rica


In this week’s data on COVID-19 figures in the United States, most countries reported a decrease in the death rate, unlike the previous situation where the death toll is still on the rise. This week, eight countries still recorded additional deaths and eight more countries recorded deaths, but with lower numbers.

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In terms of percentage, the top five countries with the most additional deaths were Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay, Honduras and Canada. As of Monday August 22, 2022, the total death toll in the five countries stood at 336, with a weekly increase of more than 19.29%.

Costa Rica has had the highest incremental death rate in the United States, with weekly increases reaching 100%. In this country, Worldmeter recorded four deaths, an increase of 50% compared to the previous day.

It is followed by Trinidad and Tobago which recorded 90.91% more deaths compared to the previous week. As for the daily figures, there was a 5% increase in deaths in this country compared to yesterday. Then there was a 35.42% increase in deaths in Paraguay, 11 deaths in Honduras (+22.22%) and deaths in Canada by 19.29%.

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Meanwhile, given the number of reported deaths, the United States recorded the highest death toll in the past seven days with 1,970 deaths in the United States. Death reports in the country are down 11.26% from last week. Also, by the highest number of deaths, Brazil recorded 1,037 deaths, down 30.82%, Peru 361 deaths (up 13.17%), Mexico 357 deaths (down 14 .59%) and Canada recorded 235 deaths (19.29%).

The total number of deaths in the United States in the past seven days stood at 4,542. This figure includes 33.55% of deaths worldwide from the Covid-19 virus with a total of 13,539. The rate death toll in the United States was recorded lower than the accumulation of the previous seven days with a total of 5,273 people.


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